Monday, August 09, 2010

2 Years and Counting...U.S. History, Left/Right, and Baby Names

So, as many of you know (meaning the few people who actually will read this), this Past Sunday, August 8, was our 2nd anniversary. My Facebook status appropriately read:

Happy 2nd Anniversary to my beautiful wife, Kacey Anderson. Thank you for always being God's grace to me.

It's pretty crazy to think it's been 2 years since my nose got red, and my eyes got watery watching my wife-to-be enter the room...many of the people didn't see that, since it was for pictures before the wedding, although I have heard rumblings of people spying through the doors.

Memories of that day vary:

Dad playing the old "switch his pants with his mother's" trick on me. Why? Because I apparently was TOO CALM, and he said, "No one should be that calm on his wedding day!" Thanks Dad!

In the library, appropriately reserved for the more inteligent side of the bridal party, there were two male group prayer huddles. The first one happened as my best man, Billy Smith, and future brother-in-law, Kevin Reynolds, were moved to pray over me. The second was when the minister, Mike Darling, and the assistant photographer, Philip "The 3rd Darling" Matheny, entered the room and told us we must. We replied, "We just did..." They said we had to again, for the picture. I'm sure God understands.

Lots of fun pictures with the bridal party. The ones with me not in them are the best. The ones with Kacey, but not me are better than the best. The ones with Kacey and me are tolerable...she evens me out.

My cousin-in-law's (or is it cousin's-in-law?) dress breaking. Lindsay took it all in stride, with which my sister was thoroughly impressed. (Because you don't end a sentence with a preposition.)

Kevin with his white socks...seriously man, white socks?! I'm sure it doesn't take either of our Grammar Nazi mothers to figure that one out.

Greg, my future Father-in-Law, with his cowboy hat. Nothing to say here, he wouldn't have listened to anyone on this anyway.

New Found Glory: Hold My Hand. Still, one of our favorite songs.

I'm pretty sure all 4 parents cried, though I was only worried with not blurring my own vision. (You would have been too, she was absolutely beautiful.)

We, meaning everyone at the wedding, sang Had It Not Been the Lord. Amazing. Simply Amazing.

Clearly, not all the memories, but you get the idea.

(If you were wondering, I misspelled "intelligent." With the purpose of irony??? I think so.)

Also, on a totally different note, I'm still annoyed with "How did Bush beat Gore (related to the overall popular vote)?" references.

Number 1, learn your Pledge of Allegiance. We are not a pure democracy. Truly, we're not a democracy at all. So, the whole, "and to the republic, for which it stands..." actually is accurate.

Number 2, learn your U.S. history. I hear we've been doing this whole "only electoral votes matter" for a few years.

Put together, who should be blamed by Democrats for the loss??? Easy, Winona LaDuke! That's who cost Gore 97,488 votes in Florida, easily more than the 500 vote difference between Bush and Gore. (well, kinda.)

(In all seriousness...aren't we ALL glad that the "Inventor of the Internet" didn't become President???)

Also #3, Glenn Beck: Seriously. I consider myself probably more Republican than Democrat (and DEFINITELY a follower of The Way above both of those). And I know that you and Fox News have to put such a strong right spin on the ball (read: news) JUST TO MAKE UP FOR the left spin served by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and NBS. But you really make "The Right," and yourself, look pretty ignorant. Just saying.

Also #4, our baby-to-be Mayah "Something" Anderson is due September 14. At this point, we are not sure we will make it to that day. The little one has been working her way down for a little while, so we think any time after the next 2 weeks is possible. As long as it isn't September 11.

Oh, and if you curious what Mayah means, you might not want to google (also known as "search for") it. The reason is that many sites do not list it. Well, they list it, but many list it as "a variant of Maya" and put Hindi, Greek, or Latin as the origin. And as much as I like the meanings of Maya in those languages (God's creative power, mother/grandmother, and great, respectively), that's not it. Mayah is actually Hebrew for "close to God," which we pray will be true. Now just for the middle name.............

As you can see, my brain bounces around a lot. Good times, good times.


At 8:02 AM, Blogger ~Stephanie said...

I love you, S.I.L.!

And I think you should name her Mayah Something Anderson.



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