Tuesday, December 20, 2005

weirdest thing I've ever seen

Okay, so it's 3am, and i'm finishing up watching a movie, A Man Apart with Vin Diesel, when i hear a loud noise. Sounds like glass packs or some sort of loud exhaust, plus the sounds of burning rubber. Being one of the longer strips of pavement close to campus, this isn't an unusual sound. Usually, it's some sort of rich ACU kid with his mustang tearing down the street. Except this was different. this sound wasn't moving. After a few seconds of hearing the squealing, I realized it was in front of my house. So, I unlocked and opened my front door.

First I see my car, on the street straight in front of me. And right behind it, I see a late 80's Chevy truck....I mean, RIGHT behind it! He was the one trying to peel out. Unfortunately, he was peeling out into my car. But this wasn't him hitting my car, running into it while driving. It was like he was trying to push my car, though unsuccessfully. So, here's what I'm seeing. Brown ugly truck, burning rubber...not moving, because his front bumper is in my back bumper. (Apparently, my car was in the way...or he couldn't see my Kentucky plates well enough.) So, the calm person that I am, I politely said, "What the f*** are you doing?" Okay, so I might have been screaming. So, maybe it was more like, "WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!" (Yes mom, I used the 'f' word...cool kids call it "dropping the 'F-bomb.') My hands were raise high as approached the truck. Apparently he heard me (though I don't know how). Man, I was pissed! He quickly backed up a few inches, and managed to peel out some more, going north on Washington, away from my house. My first instinct was to hop in my car. One problem. what was I gonna do when/if I stopped him. No gun, don't own one. No knife, lost it months ago. No bat (my specialty...it's the item i get when i'm scared), it's in the house. Oh, and my driver's license was in my work pants, so if i got pulled over, that would suck. The only real reason I wanted to follow was to get his license plate because I couldn't get it when he was speeding away. Since I didn't know how much damage was done to my car, I didn't wanna move my car either. (Yes, I thought of all of this in these few seconds. Maybe it's part of what keeps me calm in tense/quick situations, the quick thinking. And people always ask me how I connect things they say to other things so fast, and how i did it...I usually don't explain to them, so I'll shut up about it now too. back to the real story.) So, I did the next best thing. 911. I was watching the guy go down/up Washington towards school. I knew I'd be able to tell which street he turned on (most likely 16th) and which way. This would help the cops catch this guy, even if they are Abilene cops. Here's the conversation with the dispatch lady:

Dispatch: 911, what's your emergency?

Me: yeah, I just had a hit and run on my parked car at 1025 Washington Blvd. He's going south, no...north on Washington right now...turning right onto EN 16th. *coughing*He's in a mid-late 80's Chevy, looked ugly brown, loud with glass-packs or something. I came out the door, and he was peeling out into my car.

Dispatch: So you're on Washington?

Me: *coughing* Yes, 1025 Washington Blvd

Dispatch: And what kind of car?

Me: mid-late 80's Chevy truck, brown, loud glass-packs or dual exhaust

Dispatch: And which way on Washington was he going?

Me: Well, north, but...

Dispatch: Oh, north. And he turned left onto 16th?

Me: No, he turn right. He turned east!

Dispatch: So, he's turning off of Washington onto 16th?

Me: Yes! I can hear him still. he's loud, but he has to be close.

Dispatch: Okay, I'll have an officer at your house shortly.

Me: Okay, I'll be here.

Somewhat of a frustrating conversation, I thought to myself...along with other angry thoughts. I was coughing because the smoke from his burning rubber was sitting on my head. We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry...

Me: Hello?

Lady: Yes, this is the dispatcher with 911. Was it a Chevy car or truck?

Me: Truck.

Lady: Thank you. *click*

Man, they must not listen. I actually doubted that they would catch the guy. I mean, this is Abilene, not the NYPD. Or Paducah, for that matter. In a town that takes only 15 minutes MAX to get from one side to the other, the cops usually are known for being slow to the scene. Anyone who remembers my story from my old apartment when they could have had the guys red-handed, if they just woulda come 15 minutes after my call. nope, they took their time, and those guys got away. anyways...I went back inside my house, but I was so ticked that I went back outside (after putting on a beanie and coat...it's cold) so that I could pace up and down my sidewalk. What kind of idiot would just sit and peel out into the back of a car?!?!?!, I was thinking. That's just nuts. An officer actually showed up at my house about 5-10 minutes later. He asked if that was my car, I said yes. Then he informed me that they had the guy pulled over. This is the best part:

Officer: "It's what," looks at watch, "three in the morning? We've been looking for this guy all night. We got our first call on him at midnight!"

My call actually gave them the best location and allowed them to get the guy. Apparently, he's been driving around for 3 hours, getting himself liquired up. Dumb drunk! This goes to show you: Don't drink and drive. And if you're going to, don't try pushing a car that's in park. Especially when it's mine. Back to my movie.