Thursday, November 02, 2006

Babies, Unclehood, Sports, Passion

So, my niece, Sydney Kate Hughes, was born two weeks ago today (Friday). I was able to ride/drive down with my parents from our neck of the woods down to Arlington Memorial Hospital for the birth of Miss Sydney (I almost said "to witness" but that definitely was NOT happening!). While we were there (a few days longer than I first thought because of Sydney's short stay in the NICU), I had lots of time to just sit around and think about a few things.

First of all, it's amazing that God makes us as small as Sydney ( 19 1/4 inches, 7 lbs 2 oz.), and then we are able to grow SO BIG! My sister was practically the same size when she was born, and she ended up 5'7"! Of course, you just don't think about it much until you see a little baby like that...okay, maybe you do, but I didn't!

Second, I was glad I was even able to be there. Under the circumstances I was in only 2 weeks prior, I wouldn't have been able to go. I am just thankful that I was able to be there, to see my sister (who I hadn't seen since May), and hold my niece for 30 minutes! I must admit, I don't feel the most comfortable with babies, partly because I had never even held one until this summer when a young girl at church forced me to hold someone's baby (don't ask me why she did, I have no idea!) But holding that little baby was pretty cool, even if I had to wait until Monday to do it (it WAS going to happen). I've been told that my Uncle Howie (who, apparently I take after some or something) only held me when someone put me only his leg...ONCE! That's just crazy to me. Granted, I'm not a baby person, but I can't imagine not holding my sister's baby EVER! I know I used to be a sap (though not about babies) and that I've hardened quite a bit, but c'mon, not that much.

Thirdly (is that a word??), I had a conversation with Ryan and Lesli's friend Scott (I'm assuming there are two T's) one of the days. And it was purely sports!!!! It was great for me because I'm am a huge sports person. I don't just watch a game here or there, but I actually follow sports, like a fan! My roommate here in Nashville, Grant, likes sports, but wouldn't know what I was talking about if I just started talking about sports stuff. The only person I really get to talk sports with is Billy, and it's by phone because he's in Minnesota! You see, when I was in Abilene, I lived with Billy and Jeremiah, all three of us being huge sports fans. It's the only video games we played (well, other than the occasional WWII game where we shot each other...especially if we were on the same side!). But sports was such a big part of our house, even if our other roommate, Ben Farris, wasn't as into it. So, talking to Scott was like a HUGE release for me!! I could talk about something, and then when I would be done, he'd be like "So, where's A-rod going?!" It was great!

But the great sports conversation also got me to thinking about something else. Mainly, why don't I talk about other things the way I talk about sports? Now, I don't mean referring to tough week as a Slump or using baseball analogies to describe life. I mean, why don't I talk about the rest of life with that kind of interest? Why don't I talk about being a great man the same way I talk about the Cardinals chances of winning the World Series (which did happen, even if ESPN greatly ignored it the following week)? I mean, seriously, why do I not discuss the impact I want to have on peoples' lives the same way I talk statistics and sports rumors? I dunno, it just kinda got me thinking about it.

I do know one thing, I've got a beautiful niece with a wonderful mom and dad, which most kids aren't getting these days. But I'm gonna have to move closer or figure something out. I mean, how else will I teach her about sports?!