Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hola from Indy

So...my last post says "May 10." Wow, so much has happened since that date.

I went from that date (or around there) until late September without internet where I lived...or cable (meaning no sports!)

I got married 08/08/08 at 8pm. We had an 8 second kiss (according to Terrell Lee). I've never seen someone look as beautiful and amazing as my wife did that day. Not possible...no way, no how. I know it's a little late, but thanks to EVERYONE who made that day happen the way it did.

I got to spend a few days with family and my friends. Having Billy and Pam down from Minnesota was awesome!

We went to St. Martin for our honeymoon and had a blast. Tiny little Hyundai to drive around on a little island, half Dutch owned, the other French. Kacey laughed at me a lot because I noticed all the cars that stuck out...expensive cars and SUV's stuck out GREATLY! We didn't do a lot on the island, choosing to relax and enjoy each other's company for the most part. We did, however, spend every night with Michael Phelps. Well, we watched him swim at least. Watching Kacey watch the races was my main enjoyment in that.

After we got back to Nashville, I started to be contacted about a manager's position in Indianapolis, IN. Actually, earlier in the summer (around late May), I had met with my District Manager and the District Manager over Memphis and Indy in two seperate interviews. I didn't really share that with many people. I hate looking like a failure, and had endured that feeling enough. So, if you don't tell people about opportunities you have, you can't fail. I just gave you a life lesson, free of charge.

(I realize that's a bad outlook, but it's the one I had at the time.)

In the first week of September, I drove to Indianapolis for my first interview. More of a "get-ta-know-ya" kind of thing, both for the current manager to get to know me and for me to get to know the hotel and city.

The second week of September, I was invited back for a second interview and to meet the General Manager of the hotel. I get there, and right before going to meet the GM, I get paint on my suit jacket. Nice.

Monday night, September 15, Kacey and I drive to Indy to look for apartments. I hadn't been offered the job yet, but I felt like this was the right thing to do. We spent the night in Indy, then most of Tuesday looking, driving back to Nashville that night.

Friday, September 19, I am offically offered the job.

Saturday, September 27, we pack up (with the help of my familia and Randy Bridges) and move into our new apartment in Indianapolis that night.

Tuesday, September 30, I have my first day as the Contract Manager at the Sheraton City Centre in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

It's been an interesting, yet fun, time so far. As far as the marriage goes, I've never had so much fun in my life. Between my many work hours, I've been able to enjoy the fact that my wife and I are rediculous, especially in the car where we sing and dance. (Side note: The reason why they put people on salary isn't to pay them more, but less. If I was making my old hourly wage, I'd be making a killing most weeks.)

This past Sunday night, we were invited to a couple's house with another couple for a game night. It was our second time to be invited. But this night was memorable. It mainly centered around the fact that I hadn't slept but 1 hour since Friday night. With those 4 other people there, I will likely be known for the word "Riverdance" in Catch Phrase for a while. They will likely forget the most important part (the fact that my team guessed my word) and just remember my little demonstration of the second part of "Riverdance." I don't think I realized I was with people that didn't know me (that whole lack of sleep thing), but I have no regrets...

Did I mention that I love my wife? If you haven't read her blog, her most recent post gives reason enough for me to. I am a blessed man, and already I forget that sometimes.

On a sad note, a brother of mine that I pledged at ACU passed away this past week. It really made me realize how crappy I am at keeping in contact with others. Hopefully I will get better at at that.

So, that's an very random update on my life. I work a lot, have a wonderful wife, and I learn something new everyday.

*Awake my soul and sing
The time for praise has come
The silence of the night has passed
The new day has begun*
-The Awakening