Saturday, March 29, 2008


My phone doesn't work. I don't mean it's dead, just that it won't make or take calls. If you need me, call Kacey's phone...though that probably won't get me either. Just try emailing or something.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

22 Hours, 1000 Miles

So, as you probably know, Kacey and I made a fun little trip to New Orleans this week. And by "fun" I mean "necessary." With Kacey's passport having grown legs and deciding to live somewhere other than her apartment, we had no choice but to drive Wednesday night to the Passport Office on Canal St. in the City of Jazz. We left around 10:30pm and got there around 6am. I got us out of Nashville, then Kacey drove for about an hour or so, then I took us the rest of the way in. It worked out that she is engaged to one of the few people she knows with many hours of overnight-driving experience...and that I had scheduled myself off for Wednesday and Thursday, having no idea this would happen!

We got to the building we needed at 7:30am, took about 10-20 minutes for her to fill out her stuff, then walked around the French Quarter for about 4 hours. We learned a few things during this time. One, there isn't much Jazz being played at eight in the morning. Two, we clearly had missed the party (everyone was washing off the Bourbon St. sidewalks). Three, it wasn't our kind of party anyway. And, Four, it was painful walking around...well, for Kacey, because she had broken her little toe on her left foot in the car. (I am STILL rather unsure I totally understand how this happened. She explained it about four clue.)

Kacey did take a lot of pictures, none of which I have at the moment, but there were some cool things. There really isn't a whole lot you can DO that early in the morning, but I think we did like New Orleans and would like to go back. It was kinda nice spending that much time together right before her Saba trip, especially since we wouldn't have seen each other that much. I told her when we left Nashville that we should view it as a mini-vacation, a one-day getaway. Although it was exhausting (I crashed for four hour straight on the way back), it was definitely interesting and something we'll always remember. I can hear it now: "Remember that time we drove to New Orleans and back in 22 hours?"

Dropping her off at Lipscomb to meet her group at 4am Friday morning wasn't was downright hard. And I don't like knowing that I won't even be able to TALK to her until Easter Sunday night when I pick her up at the airport. Next week will be interesting for me, to say the least. My Xbox died on me, so no video games until I get it fixed (that had been my main planned distraction). My roommate moved out today, so the apartment is a little bare...and that also means he's shutting off the cable Monday or Tuesday, so no TV. And possibly no internet. So, my connections to the world and my distractions will be mostly gone just when I need them most...HAHA. Oh well. At least I'll still have work!!! I'm not off again until next Saturday, so maybe that'll help.

So, if you don't see something from me for the next week, it's because I haven't figured out how to steal internet from other people yet. But Kacey isn't even gonna be, basically my life will be on hold, so nothing to blog about anyway! :o) Geez, I miss her.

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