Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A few days not too busy

So, it's been a while since I've last posted, or blogged, if you will. There really hasn't been enough in one day to write about. I've spent most of my time sleeping in here in Paducah, or being with family or church family.

Went with my grandma the other day to see Grandpa in the nursing home. This was the first time I've been home and he was in the nursing home. It's not too much different than the assisted living place he was in, but just knowing that it is to the point where he is in one is disheartening enough. The previous Tuesday Dad and I went out for Pizza night with my grandma and family. When we walked in, I spotted an older man. Dad leaned over and asked me who he looked like. "Grandpa," I replied. And he sure did. Just like Grandpa looked 10 years ago, his body filled out healthily. He's now weighing in around a paultry 100-105 lbs. Grandma said he just gained 3 lbs., which isn't much, but helps. One thing I noticed was that his hands were severely swollen. Grandma said she noticed it too, and that the nurse had mentioned it. He only said "hey" and "huh" while I was there, but Grandma says he appreciates it.

On a better note, I talked to Gary last Wednesday. Apparently, they weren't sure when I was coming up to St. Paul. I told him I had been telling people "around the 1st of June" because I didn't know when they wanted me up there. So, apparently we were waiting on each other. Anyway, Gary said that I may end up staying in Hudson, Wisconsin with the Hawleys, which I happen to know where that is. Oh, on a side note, I hate (!!!!) fundraising. I don't like asking for people's help, much less their money!!!! I guess that's part of my family and pride coming out in me.

I saw two of my friends the other day, Chris and Buff. They couldn't be any more different from each other, although that didn't used to be true. Buff is here working with his home congregation's youth and working at his parents' Exxon, where I used to work. His church is a small baptist church, but he said they are getting 15-22 kids each night, which is HUGE (in greatness and size) for his church. Chris however is the opposite. I heard he worked at the EB Games on Southside, so I dropped in on him. I don't mind language, but when I see Chris I have to brace myself for lots of it. But since he was such a great friend in the past, I hung out there for an hour or so. He said he wanted to get together and do something, but then threw in "but I won't go to church with you." He used to go to my church here...used to be the guy who would be on fire like no one else. *Sigh*

Well, tomorrow, I'm suppose to go play tennis with a few guys (I'm not good), then go to the doctor. Maybe Josh won't bust my lip again. Oh, btw, I was throwing the baseball last Sunday night, when a random frisbee came out of nowhere and hit me in the mouth. Hit me so hard, I checked my teeth first. My lip bled for 10 minutes. Josh Lee had thrown it apparently.

Monday, May 09, 2005

It's all about Family, My Old Kentucky Home

Okay, so maybe it isn't my old Kentucky home, since I've never lived in this house. My parents moved across the community after my Sophomore year, and all my stuff (bedroom furniture, clothes, etc) is in Abilene. Anyway, this is still like home, especially church family.

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I had been planning on coming home today (Monday), until I realized that I would miss Mother's Day by one day...not acceptable. So, I altered my plans a little bit. I still went to the Rangers game Friday night with my sister and bro-in-law (we lost 8-6 because Pedro Astacio couldn't get out of the 1st inning!). I then went back to Abilene to finish a few things, then left Abilene at 5pm Saturday for Kentucky. Yes, I said 5PM. I stopped by Lesli's (my sister) and picked up her M. Day gifts for Mom and G-ma. I got out of Dallas around 9pm after getting gas, drove all night, and arrived in Paducah, Kentucky around 6am.

I had called Dad Saturday evening to let him know I was on my way, but not to tell M0m. So, when Mom got up and heard a deep "Good Morning" from the couch, she was a little surprised! To make the surprise even better, Grandma was at church and also didn't know I was coming. I found out at church that Mom had told some people the day before that she expected me in a week later, so that made it even more fun! Also, I love my home church family!! Even though my parents haved moved houses, I always feel like I've "come home" when I show up at church because of those people! Worship was great, which is an added bonus! Singing beside my mom is always fun for a couple of reasons. First, she sings Tenor, and that's fun. Second, she always looks at me and smiles (or some sort of reaction) when I sing deep bass. Communion was extra special because G-ma was beside me. Grandma goes to the Baptist church of the community, so having her there is always special. I'm a big believer in the community aspect of communion, so that made for a special Sunday. Those people in that building...they're my Old Kentucky Home.

After service I got to talk to and hug a lot of people. Kacey asked if I was going to go to Youth care group. I told her sure, even though I've been out of the youth group for 4 years now! After Jacob and Clint graduate, I don't know that I'll go anymore. But never say never, they always say!

We went to Ryan's Steakhouse for lunch. Chuck Hank (or chank, as i used to call him) and Andy and Randy Williams went with us. Andy and Randy brought their daughter Ali (sp?), and she was the focus most of the time, and rightfully so! She's cute and eats everything! Oh, and Andy is a guy I met at ACU back when I was a student recruiter, and this was the first time I've seen him here. He works with the Christian Counseling Center here.

The rest of the day didn't have as many details. Mom made me take a long nap (I really wasn't given a choice). Andy picked me up for the care group. He did a good lesson on communion that I think may have gotten some of the youth group thinking. We ordered pizza and played around with sports stuff. We tried to play Ultimate Frisbee, but it was hard to see. Andy hurt his knee. He said he thinks he ran into my leg, but I didn't feel anything. I rode home with Jacob "Fuzzy" Young, got to listen to his system. Speaking of him, he just called to see if i wanted to eat with him tonight at Mr. Gatti's or something. Not sure what my plans are, but maybe that'll work. I'm supposed to go see him play Varsity baseball tomorrow, but it might get rained out. Hopefully not.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Horror movie and Spiritual Warfare

So, last I went to see a movie with my friend Heather. We had narrowed it down to two movies, The Amityville Horror and Hostage. I honestly was leaning toward Hostage, but Heather wanted to see the scary movie. Me being the tough guy that I am, I didn't want to admit I wasn't in the mood for a scary movie. So, to the Caremike for The Amityville Horror at 9:50pm. I did the smart (and dishonest) thing by going to Wally World first to get some candy before I picked Heather up.
The first thing about this movie that was scary was that there were 10 previews. Yes, I said TEN!! After the sixth preview, Heather said we were getting up and moving, grabbed my candy, and went down to the fourth row. I followed (only b/c she had my candy!). I asked, after I sat down, why we moved. Heather said, "The girl behind me was eating popcorn." Umm, okay...Then I remembered that those type of things (smacking food, clicking pens, tapping feet, etc.) annoyed Heather a lot.
So, we finally got to start the movie around 10:20pm b/c of the many, many previews (there should be a law limiting the number of previews). For the next hour or so (it was actually not a long movie, let out at 11:30pm), I was freaked out! I don't get scared very easily, especially if I'm around other people while watching the movie. But, dang, was I scared!! I told Heather random things through the movie, like, "why did we come to this movie," and, "You don't get to choose movies from now on!" I know that sounds wussy, but you watch it and let me know what you think!
After the movie, we decided to go to Super Wal-Mart, I think maybe to calm the nerves. I stuck in some Shane&Shane b/c I needed some Jesus Music! It helped. I decided it was one of the two scariest movies I'd ever seen. The only movie that was probably scarier was The Exorcist (however you spell it!). I know that's high praise (if that's what you wanna call it), but it's true. It did, however, spark a conversation about spiritual warfare. Heather told me about a ghost in one of her old houses that she and her roommate both saw walking down the hall all the time. I told her a few things I had seen and heard about.
When I was dropping Heather off, she suggest I borrow a book from her by Frank Peretti called This Present Darkness. She also gave me his second book, which I'll read when I get done with TPD. I read about 100 pages last night because I couldn't put the book down. I'll probably read some more tonight.
Anyway, I'm going to my sister's tomorrow night for the weekend. We're going to the Rangers game tomorrow night. I'm excited! I love baseball!! I wish it were the Cardinals, but the Rangers are probably my favorite AL team.

*For we do not wrestle against Flesh and Blood, but against the Rulers, against the Authorities, against the Cosmic Powers over This Present Darkness, against the Spiritual Forces of Evil in the Heavenly Places.* -Ephesians 6:12 (ESV)

Monday, May 02, 2005

Dead Day...The end of Pledging as we know it!

Okay, so today was an interesting day. The first big thing for me today was going to a meeting with Mike Spell and the other social clubs to draw for rushes for the Fall pledge season. Ran into Jordan from my SBC on the way, which was nice b/c I hadn't seen him in a few weeks.

Anyway, the first thing I noticed at the meeting was that some of the girls club reps were there, even though they did drawings an hour before we (the guys clubs) were supposed to be there. Found out the reason was so Mike could give us a written work in progress as to the new rules pledging. Lots of changes! First thing: no jogs or runs or "physical training" of any kind! For Pi Kappa, that means no Jericho Jogs, which is a big part of our pledging, and which we have a good purpose for doing. Anyway, the reaction for the whole group (especially Alpha Kai, surprisingly) was a very rebelious one, and I don't really blame everyone for feeling that way. We had that big meeting two Saturdays ago where we were told we would be given a chance to change the way we do pledging. Well, now they are telling us that they decided for us. As Billy put it later in the day, "You teach (as they did on Saturday) to empower people. You don't teach then tell." Well put my friend!

Anyway, they also said no pledge teams. Teams must now be as much of a 50/50 member/pledge mix. I really felt for GSP and Galaxy, because their members have to try out. I tried to help get a solution and talked with some of the GSP guys, just because that sucks for them and I wanted to help. Also, the new rules said that the purpose should be Club Unity, not Pledge Class Unity. So, no activity for pledges alone, including Float, breakfast, etc.

At 2pm (the meeting started at 12:30pm), we finally got to to draw for rush times. Bishop and I kinda wished some of our other officers had been there, even though Mike told them not to worry about coming. I just hope this all works out, but it might be ugly.

Tonight we also had Bishop's Bachelor party tonight at the house, which was a lot of fun. I think he got 3 drills, which was funny! Also went over to Levi's to was WWE. Those guys are always fun to be around. I left Levi's early to go meet with our Pres., VP, Pledge Director, and Bishop to talk about today and what we are going to do. Who knows...

BTW, the best thing I learned at the meeting today:
"It is an honor to play with the Siggies!" -Siggie leader person


Well, this is my first blog. Hope it helps me keep in contact with people, and let y'all know what's going on in my life, especially while I'm in St. Paul, Minnesota. Peace.