Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Let's Go Mavs!

I think I just saw one of the best 7-game series ever in NBA history!! Even Tim Duncan said, "That was the best series I've ever played in, and I played Detroit in 7 last year." Wow, now that says something. But I do hate being a prophet. Last night, during halftime, Dad came in to see what the score was (I had been keeping him updated). I told him, "64-50, but the Spurs will come back and it will be a close one." He seemed surprised, and honestly, I can't blame him. I actually wish (somewhat) that I had been wrong. But I wasn't, as the Spurs game back to tie the game at 101, then take the lead 104-101 with 32 seconds to go! Luckily, Dirk drove the lane and got a 3-pt. play the old fashioned way, then got his hand on the ball for a block to send it to overtime! As you probably know, the Mavs won 119-111.
So, I don't want to hear anymore of that, "But who won a championship most recently" crap! The Spurs are a great team, but they were just beaten by the Dallas Mavericks. So, thank you's should be hand out. Thanks to:

Devin Harris, for showing the world your potential and that the Spurs are old and slow

Jason Terry, for being willing to shoot and clutch (but don't ever get suspended again)

Adrian Griffin, for being a Man when taken out of the lineup and series, then coming in for 10 seconds in Game 7 with a smile

Desegona Diop, for your great defense at the end of Game 7 and outscoring the Spurs bench BY YOURSELF! Can someone say baseline jumper?!?!

Keith Van Horn, for trying your hardest to defend Duncan (it' ain't easy), and coming back from surgery to hit three 3-pointers in Game 7. Your white, over-paid, but I don't care right now!

Josh Howard, for continuing to improve, playing defense, rebounding, and driving the lane.

Jerry Stackhouse, for looking like a winner for the first time in your career. Good timing, Game 7 in Overtime! You're the real 6th man!

And Last but not Least, the man who needs no last name:

Dirk, for show the world that you deserved the MVP votes you got, showing Billy that you're a winner, and for not settling for threes and taking it to the hole. You proved a lot of people wrong.

I think the Mavs are the favorites going into the Conference finals, and that's well deserved.

One last thing, Tim Duncan is a great player. But he complained more than any player this whole series, and that's sad because he truely is better than that.

Absence make the heart grown fonder?

No, I'm not talking about Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation, you nutty wrestling fans! But I do apoligize for being away for so long. My computer has been messed up, and now that it's fixed, I don't have internet hooked up to it. So, thanks to all of my faithful readers (read: Lesli). Speaking of readers, my sister is El Prego. That's right, she's 5 months away from pooping out a little humanoid. We are hoping for a boy, and by we, I mean me! I'll add some posts here real soon.