Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day?

So, today, my beautiful, pregnant wife woke me up, which was a feat considering how out of it I was. But when I managed to drag myself toward the shower, I heard music. My wife had set up my iPod to play some Shane & Shane, one of the best duo's to ever sing in the shower to when waking up.
When I got in the bathroom, there was an envelope sitting on the toilet with my name on it, with a letter inside from my beautiful wifey. (Where else would she put it that she'd guarantee I would see it!) It contained lots of sweet things, encouraging words about the kind of daddy she thinks I'll be in a few months. Of course, she thinks I'll be a great, awesome, amazing, sweetastic dad. I'm hoping maybe I can manage just one of those (maybe the last one, as awesome and amazing seem a little too diety-esque for my reach.)
But it is pretty cool being married to such a loving wife who believes in me. And it's pretty cool being married to a woman who is so excited to meet her baby daughter, even though I'd consider your bladder being her soccer ball and your intestines being her running track to be a pretty deep relationship, but maybe that's just me.
I'm rather sleepy, so I'd say this is a sub-par blog. But I felt the urge to blog for no reason, so I figured I would. I'll blog again soon to talk about some of our changes recently. Thanks Beautiful!

Happy Father's Day to All
And to All a Good Night